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WHITE DOVES AR MORNING by James Lee Burke is 305 pages in hardback form. This would be considered historical fiction and was written about the Civil War period.


Brief description:

861. Two young Southerners, friends despite their differing political views and backgrounds, enlist in the 18th Louisiana regiment of the Confederate Army: Robert Perry, wealthy and privileged, and irreverent Willie Burke, the son of Irish immigrants, face the trials of battle and find redemption in the love of a passionate and committed abolitionist, Abigail Downing, and in the courageous struggle of Flower Jamison, a beautiful slave. Filled with a cast of unforgettable characters, and penetrating a landscape of shattering Civil War bloodshed as few novels have, this epic from an American literary giant endows readers with the gift of experiencing the past through new eyes, while its timeless prose style–at once luminous and brutal–ensures the legacy of this bloodiest of conflicts will never be lost.
I loved this book and would recommend if you like to read about the Civil War period and like a little grit.  I feel that this was a true depiction of the life and times of all the people in that period.  Not just the Southerners, but the Northerners as well.  I felt moved by some of the words in this book.  To me he writes with words of a poet and very literary in nature.  It is even quite possible you may need a dictionary at times, but if read in the context can surely figure it out.
I have read most of the books that James Lee Burke has written and I think this is one of my favorites.  Very poignant, and left me with a feeling of woe.  I know from reading this book that these were not easy times and everyone worked for what they owned, even those that came from affluent parents.  Because it appears everything was taken from them and they literally had to start over.  A very interesting period in our history.  I am appalled at the conditions of that time and am glad I live in a more tolerant period.
I am giving this 5 out of 5 stars.  I feel that it is one of the best books I have read so far this year.

I am starting this book today WHITE DOVES AT MORNING by James Lee Burke. This is considered Historical Fiction. I have a feeling it is going to have a mystery element to it. It takes place during the Civil War. I can hardly wait to read this book because I love James Lee Burke.

FADE THE HEAT by Jay Brandon is #1 in The Mark Blackwell series.  I would consider this a legal thriller even though there was not much thrill.

Brief Description:

On a quiet April night, San Antonio’s peace is shattered by insistent screams. A cleaning woman working late in a downtown office building points to a young computer expert as her attacker. Her version of the incident is rape; he claims he’s been framed – that she ripped her own clothes and clawed at her own flesh. When the sun rises, this event will shock the entire city, because the accused rapist is David Blackwell, son of the new District Attorney.
Mark Blackwell knows that his son’s story will sound preposterous to a jury. Although a master at the bureaucratic chess game, the District Attorney cannot ‘fade the heat’ and prevent David from going to trial. In desperation he will put everything on the line – his family, his marriage, even his secret love affair – to save David. But as he searches for clues and sorts out his strategies, a chilling question surfaces. If David is innocent, then it means that he himself is the target of a frame-up – by enemies whose devious motives he cannot even begin to fathom…

 I had a hard time getting into this book and even when I did, it didn’t seem to be all that good.  I just wanted to get it finished so I could move on to the next book.  I think Mark Blackwell could be a very interesting character, but you really didn’t see that much of his true self until the very last pages.  I would have liked to have had some of this in the beginning, so I would have had a reason to pick up the book again to see what was happening.  I didn’t feel the pull to pick up, so unfortunately it sat around for a while.
If I find the next in the series, I will probably read it just to see if anything changed, but I would not rush out and buy it.  Having said that, I am giving this 2 out of 5 stars.  I did like the end and for some strange reason it made me think there could be more.