THE TURTLE MOUND MURDER by Mary Clay is 221 pages in trade paperback form.  This is #1 in A Daffodils Mystery.

Brief Description:

IS THERE LIFE AFTER DIVORCE? YOU BET Meet the DAFFODILS* (*Divorced And Finally Free Of Deceitful, Insensitive, Licentious Scum) ***TV/Movie Rights Optioned*** Rebecca Leigh Stratton is divorced, depressed, and thoroughly disgusted. Thanks to her two-timing, asset-hiding, lawyer husband, Leigh faces the prospect of starting over at forty-six. Fortunately, her sassy, Southern sorority sisters, Penny Sue Parker and Ruthie Nichols, are old hands at divorce. The three single-again ladies take off for New Smyrna Beach, their college-days haunt. What they don’t bargain for are old flames, fist fights, and gunfire. And, that’s just the first day.

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