THE TURTLE MOUND MURDER by Mary Clay is #1 in a Daffodils Mystery. Daffodils stands for divorced and Finally Free of Deceitful, Insensitive, Licentious Scum.

Brief Description:

IS THERE LIFE AFTER DIVORCE? YOU BET Meet the DAFFODILS* (*Divorced And Finally Free Of Deceitful, Insensitive, Licentious Scum) ***TV/Movie Rights Optioned*** Rebecca Leigh Stratton is divorced, depressed, and thoroughly disgusted. Thanks to her two-timing, asset-hiding, lawyer husband, Leigh faces the prospect of starting over at forty-six. Fortunately, her sassy, Southern sorority sisters, Penny Sue Parker and Ruthie Nichols, are old hands at divorce. The three single-again ladies take off for New Smyrna Beach, their college-days haunt. What they don’t bargain for are old flames, fist fights, and gunfire. And, that’s just the first day!

My Review:

This was an interesting read and reminded me of the Southern Sisters Mysteries that were written by Anne George.  The reason this was so interesting is because it is set in New Smyrna Beach and is all about the area.  So places that were discussed were familiar.

The editing could have been a little better, but the story was good and I enjoyed it.  The story moved along and the people were interesting.  I would try the next one when I find it.  I really like the Southern side of it, because it is pretty believable.  I have experienced some of these Southern friendships and it brings fond memories of those.

I am giving this book 3 out of 5 stars, as I would have liked the story to have moved along a little faster, and there seemed to be a few too many characters to try and keep track of.  I enjoyed it and hope to find the 2nd in the series.

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