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EARLY RETIREMENT(MURDER IN DAYTONA) by F C Henderson is 409 pages in trade paperback form. This is a self-published book by a local Ormond, Florida author.

Brief Description:

Richard and Veronica Stevens accept an early retirement offer from their employer so they can follow their dream of retiring in Florida. Wanting to give back to society, Veronica decides to volunteer at a domestic abuse shelter. There she meets Teracita, a young woman who was brought to the shelter brutally beaten. Veronica connects with Teracita and, despite her husband’s advice, gets personally involved. That decision costs Veronica her life. When her battered body is found in a sleazy beach side motel room Veronica’s husband is charged with the crime.

Detective Dan Brooks, Chief Homicide Investigator for the Daytona Beach Police Department, is days away from closing the book on a thirty year career in law enforcement. When the call comes in that a body has been found the detective rushes to the scene. What he finds changes his retirement plans indefinitely. Brooks puts his life on hold till the case can be solved.

Readers wind their way through a plethora of seedy scenarios and shady characters. They are introduced to an underworld over populated by sexual deviants, drug dealers, black marketeers, and corrupt cops. The story will take them from the barrios of Chihuahua, to the glitz and glamour of Miami Beach. From the snow covered rural roads of upstate New York, to the tough Irish neighborhoods of Kansas City. Everything culminates on a cruise ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, justice is served…

This was a difficult book for me to read because of the italics for dialogue.  I understand it was to call attention to the dialogue, but I found it to be inconsistent and at times it caused me some confusion in what was meant.  I think this book could be classed as erotica because there are some very strong sexual scenes.  Also, the book is very graphic in the details of the murder or murders in this case.

I believe this story could have been told in less pages because there were things that were added that just seemed to be incidental and didn’t really help or move the story along.   There were really no characters to like in this book.  There were certainly people to feel sorry for, but no one that you really cared about.  Perhaps Teracita in the beginning, but in the end, I didn’t care for her much either.

I am giving this 2 out of 5 stars.  I think the story could have been a little tighter and I also feel that the violence in the book could have been toned down, but still tell the terrible things that happen with domestic violence.   I think as a first attempt at writing and putting words on a page, it is good.  I believe the book needs to be edited a bit more or critiqued so that it could have been tightened up before publishing.