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COPP FOR HIRE by Don Pendleton is 275pages in length in paperback form. This is #1 in Joe Copp series.




Joe Copp’s heard all the jokes about his name. He’s heard and seen a lot of things. Things you wouldn’t believe. Things they edit out of the late night news.

Joe walks the hard side. By choice. Joe’s a tough guy. Not mean…tough. Has to be in his line of work. Especially now.

A pretty young thing came to him too late to save her life. Then her roommate. A cruel, ugly death.

Now Joe’s got a case and no client, digging up answers and stepping over corpses–from night-time L.A. to the sex bars of Honolulu–in league with a Chinese vice lord, in love with a beautiful, dangerous woman, in dutch with some sadistic cops and a kinky politician, and in line for a morgue slab of his own.

The hard side. It’s murder.


I enjoyed getting to know Joe Copp.  He is gritty and seems to be in places where he shouldn’t be, but always comes out on top.  There is really no mystery to this, because you know what is going on from the start almost.  However, it is an interesting book and takes you from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

Definitely dated in that it appears to take place in the 60′s or 70′s.  There is some action, but not a lot, so if you are looking for the regular guns and blow-ups from the Executioner series, you would be disappointed.

I am giving this 3.5 out of 5.  I did not have to pick it right back up after I would stop for the day.  It was okay, but not great.  If I find the 2nd one in the series, I would give it another try as I did like Joe Copp, I just didn’t like the case he was on.